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Healthy Eco-islandforMedicalCare/Therapy/Recreation/Rehabilitation/Tourism

Following the controlled planning requirements for Datansha Island and taking reference to the successful experience of Health City Novena in Singapore, the Datansha Island will create the commercial corridor as a themed development belt for all industries of the island, so as to build a high-end health eco-island integrating industries as medical care, therapy, rehabilitation and tourism.

The construction of Guangzhou Respiratory Center located on the Datansha Island, which is led by Academician Zhong Nanshan, has started. In the future, centering on this leading project, relying on the extensive cooperation resources of CapitaLand in the international high-end medical industry and the unique environmental, geographical and traffic advantages, the island will take the medical services of Guangzhou Respiratory Center and international high-end medical institutions as the core to promote the development of such industries as smart medical care, rehabilitation, third-party medical services, health management, training and scientific research, senior care and health preservation, health tourism and health finance, in order to make it a high-end international medical service center and a great resort combining medical care with rehabilitation with the characteristics of Lingnan (South of the Five Ridges).


The start-up zone of the Healthcare and Medical Eco-island is located in the village collective property adjacent to the Guangzhou Respiratory Center, which has been listed as a major construction project of Guangzhou City in 2017. The construction of Datansha Healthcare and Medical Eco-Island will make up for the shortcomings of Guangzhou’s international high-end healthcare services, and provide new ideas for exploring the high-end elements of the healthcare industry, investment and talents, and new models for industrial transformation, while better serving the residents of Guangzhou and Foshan, enhancing the core competitiveness of Liwan District and increasing the villagers' incomes and employment opportunities. It brings social benefits and can be a role model for other projects to follow.