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An international garden city and a health eco-island

From the very beginning, the Datansha Island has been planned to be an international garden island that advocates eco-friendly lifestyle and low carbon transportation, and integrates optimum living conditions, proactive education philosophy, international medical service and advanced community management experience.

As the plan is being implemented, the industry is ready for development, and the industrial development strategy of Datansha Health Eco-island is proposed: centered on planned basic medical & healthcare facilities, and supported by villages’ land for collective economy and commerce & finance, a high-end health eco-island covering the whole industrial chain of medicine, healthcare, recreation, resort and tourism is to be built on the lands by promoting multilevel healthcare and scientific research service.

“The ambition to establish an international garden community and develop the healthcare industry are behind the plan to renew and develop the Datansha Island. Capitaland Group actively participates in the devising and implementation of the said strategy, introduces the modern concepts and mature experience from Singapore in urban construction, community management, environmental protection, healthcare, education & training and business operation, in an effort to build an eco-friendly, intelligent and harmonious international island with convenient transportation and associated facilities; leveraging its overseas resources, the group introduces partners with features, experience and strength for such industries as healthcare, education and training, to continuously drive the island’s economy.