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A brilliant pearl on the Pearl River
Datansha Island is located in the Liwan District of Guangzhou, right at the heart of Guangzhou-Foshan metropolitan circle, close to the Liwan old town. With a total area of 3.55 square kilometers, and a coastline of 87 kilometers,it is the largest island within the Pearl River Delta and is the first channel in Guangzhou's central city. The Pearl River Bridge straddles over it, accessing it via the inner ring expressway. Blessed naturally with its good location, there are also two metro lines (line 5 & 6) that run through the island. Back in old days, when the Pearl River Bridge was open to traffic, the island was covered with greeneries. During the rainy season, the misty landscape over Baietan was dubbed one of the Guangzhou's eight scenic. However, as time passed, the only sight left on Datansha were of old factories and villages. Eventually, these buildings became dilapidated, facilities such as medical care, sanitation and fire protection became insufficient. The iconic scenery of the double bridges was a thing of the past. The initiative to redevelop Datansha Island has attracted the attention of both governments of Singapore and Guangdong. It has been included into the key projects under the Singapore-Guangdong Cooperation Council. CapitaLand has coordinated the development of the municipal supporting facilities, resettlement and financing of the island. The construction of Singapore introduces advanced concepts and mature experiences in urban construction, community management, environmental protection, health care, education and training, and commercial operations. It will enhance the regional soft power while changing its appearance.